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8 July
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My name is Liz, and I'm currently a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College. I'm majoring in sociology and philosophy (whatever that means - I think it's supposed to say something about the kind of person I am, but I don't know what that is).

I'm an avid news reader, and frequently posted news articles I found interesting or funny on my other Livejournal. I decided that I posted enough of these news articles to warrant a completely separate journal, one that would be public and enjoyed by all. From time to time these articles will be accompanied by commentary and even long rants about the state of the world.

As a warning, not only am I very opinionated but I'm also extremely liberal. I do not expect anybody to agree with my personal beliefs and opinions, therefore it is not necessary for you to argue with me. I do welcome lively discussions, of course - but please do not come here simply to tell me that I am "wrong", especially on highly debatable issues such as abortion and gay rights. Nobody is making you read my journal.

Anyway, this is supposed to be fun and hopefully somewhat enlightening. I love reading the news and I think other people should, too. It's pretty amazing what goes on in the world today.


If you're interested in reading my other Livejournal, head over to roomforhonesty. It's more personal and reads more like a real journal, but I'm only adding people who have a genuine interest in my life.